The restaurant là cucina con vista is a modern and refined design embellished with an enchanting view. Two rooms - the garden and the view - form the backdrop to the beautiful open-plan kitchen and can accommodate up to 250 people.  

A multifaceted, multi-functional open space is ideal for business lunches and entertainment events. The simple and elegant decor blends with tones, materials and the effects of natural light in a remarkable balancing act.

The large windows, during the day, wrap the room in a bright embrace while during the evening - from each table - you can admire the thousand lights of Rome in a unique and sophisticated atmosphere.

Là cucina con vista

Via Tuscolana 20
00044 (RM)
Phone +39 069416773
Fax. +39 069416461
Mail: commerciale@villamercede.com

Discover Restaurant

Our kitchen is blend of tradition and modernity.

The greatest care is taken in selecting the raw materials, focusing on seasonal and local products.

The work tools available to the chef are among the most technologically advanced: induction hob and rational rotary oven for vacuum and low temperature cooking .

These machines allow us to cook food (meat, fish, fruit, vegetables) continuously for 36/48 hours at 60 °, while keeping the nutritional properties unaltered and thus rewarding even the most discerning palates.
Our Staff provides service with care in an atmosphere of cordial hospitality that focus on the customer’s needs.

For enthusiasts and the curious, you can ask the dining room staff to borrow a chef's hat and apron and, in accordance with hygiene and food safety standards, you can visit the kitchen accompanied by our chef and his amazing brigade.

We also produce different kinds of breads and desserts.

Là Cucina con Vista - Wine Cellar

The Wine List of “Là” is the result of a mix of passion and research, combined with the desire to give our guests some real emotions in their glass.

“Our wines” have been chosen to go best with the signature dishes by chef, to create a sensory “dish and glass” exchange, where each of the two components fuse with each other, managing to be magically both frame and painting.

We have decided to focus on wines with character, preferring an elegant wine list that goes beyond the fashions of the moment, because the wine blazon is not important: a good bottle, is the one that is emptied!


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